WAYR Friday

Hey, guys! It’s Friday and I’ve started to do What Are You Reading Fridays. This is a weekly post that I am doing about what I am reading. I decided to do it on Friday because it’s the end of the week for me and reading usually slows down for me on the weekend due to my schedule. So, let’s get into this post! I am reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.  This book is just so good. Emma and Julian are such great characters and even a little better than Clary and Jace. They just need to break that stupid No Dating Your Parabatai Rule because they are just bound to date. I was starting to ship Christina and Mark, then that faery guy Kieran kissed him and I was so drawn to their relationship. I can’t wait until I finish this book and can give a full review because it’s just so amazing! I also have received The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas and am participating on the blog tour! I am on page 10 and i really enjoy it! The characters have a great depth and the story is very mysterious and interesting. When I read the plot, I wasn’t thinking that i would like it, but this book is really really good! I just began to read The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.  Red_Queen