My All-Time Favorite TV Shows

I feel like doing something different and when I’m not reading, I’m watching Netflix. So here is this list!


  1. One Tree Hill – This the best show I have ever seen in my lifetime. I love it more than words can express. The mixture of basketball, books, love, and art make this show so different and are everything I love. These characters just became my family and I just felt like i knew them. If you haven’t seen it, go watch all 9 seasons on Netflix (BELIEVE ME ITS WORTH IT)

    The Walking Dead
  2. The Walking Dead – Just saying, i love this show so much, but my love for it does not NEARLY match my love for One Tree Hill. This is not a show about zombies, but merely the people living in the apocalypse. Of course zombies are in it, but this show just makes you feel for the characters and the writers don’t mind killing ANYONE and i mean ANYONE. I became so warped into this show and even tweeted a lot about it and i never tweet. Can’t express how good this is.
  3. Stephen-Amell-Arrow-Season-4-Poster-Aim-HigherArrow – This is NOT your normal superhero show. You will become so naturally in love with the city and the people in this. I completely binged this series and just couldn’t get enough. I even bought some of the comics! The best superhero that exists in pop culture today! #TeamDC tumblr_nrwpt2rY7q1rgxw63o3_1280.png
  4. Once Upon A Time – Oh dear, Once. This show nearly sparked my close bond with my mother. My whole family would sit in the living room every Sunday at 8 to watch this and we never missed an episode. Once my sister moved away, i started to watch it in my mom’s room and we would just talk about it everyday. It brought us so close together and i look forward to every sunday just so I can watch it with her. This show while it has its faults, is so original and brilliant. It keeps alive the bit of child still inside me. This will always be 1 of my favorites. it-s-back-grey-s-anatomy-delivers-in-season-12-premiere-630742.jpg
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – This show is very dear to my heart for many reasons. I started watching this because my mom had the first season on dvd and we binged it one day. I then began to watch the rest on netflix and it just sparked my interest in becoming a surgeon. I would love to pursue this dream and by watching it, it gives me a tiny bit of insight. Also, my friends started watching it after i told them all about it and they automatically loved it. WE talked about it day after day, even competing on how would finish first (I WON). It is definitely not as bad and soapy as most people perceive it as. It is not the best show but it still a very good show and anyone who is interested in doctors should give it a go!

Thanks for tuning in guys! TV is my other getaway and i could chat about it all day. I promise i’ll more posts like this! See you guys in my next post!


Author: jamesyboy726

I'm an avid reader! Love any type of genre. When i'm not reading, I am either writing poetry or watching Netflix/TV/Movies. My email is , if you would like to reach me about ARCs and other opportunities.

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