Waiting On Wednesday 

This is a weekly post where I will talk about 3 books that I either am really anticipating their release or books that I don’t have in my possession, but I really NEED. 

1. The book I am most dreading that I don’t own is Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I am absolutely dying to read this whole series but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I would love if someone could send it to me, but I doubt that would happen. 

2. WINTER. This book is HUGE. I want to find out what happens to Cinder & Co In the final book that reaches over 800 PAGES. I need to get this book now.

3. Infinite Sea: This book absolutely needs to be in my arms and should be in my arms. I loved the 5th Wave, but never seemed to pick this up. I need to get it before the Last Star is released. 

Thanks for tuning in! See you guys tomorrow or whenever I decide to post again. I should have a review for Lady Midnight up sometime this week. I’m about 30% done and so far I like it very much.

Author: jamesyboy726

I'm an avid reader! Love any type of genre. When i'm not reading, I am either writing poetry or watching Netflix/TV/Movies. My email is jamesyboy726@yahoo.com , if you would like to reach me about ARCs and other opportunities.

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