Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’m Ashamed I Haven’t Read

This week on Top Ten Tuesday, I will tell you about the top ten books I am ashamed that I haven’t read yet. So let’s get into it. 

1. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare: I LOVE the Mortal Instruments and own all the books. That includes The Infernal Devices. Tessa was in City of Heavenly Fire and I heard about her but I didn’t know her and I really wish I read it before CoHF:(

2. Throne of Glass Series: I am so ashamed because the books are right up my alley and I won 1-3 and the novella book. I need to get on top of this band wagon.

3. Vampire Academy: So ashamed I didn’t read these books. I had books 1-3 and I couldn’t get into the first book so I sold all of them to my local used book store for store credit. 

4. Falling Kingdom Series: Just why. Why have I not picked these up. I am DYING to read these. Ugh.

5. Legend Series: I liked Legend so I bought the whole series and I never finished it and I need to, but I don’t see myself finishing it. 

6. Rebel Belle Series: I mainly bought Rebel Belle because of the cover and when I bought it, the plot was so intriguing and the last book is coming soon and I need to read it.

7. Wonder: Its not a series, but I’m completely ashamed I haven’t read it. I’ve heard nothing but great things, but I never buy it when I get to the book store.

8. Darkest Minds: I heard such good things that I really wanted to read it, but don’t know when. 

9. Starbound  Trilogy: I was so interested when the first book came out, but then I saw they all were barely related.

10. Harry Potter: This is far on the list because there’s so many books and the series is long over that I just can’t pick it up
Thanks for checking it out, guys! Come back tomorrow for Waiting On Wednesday! Have a nice night!


Author: jamesyboy726

I'm an avid reader! Love any type of genre. When i'm not reading, I am either writing poetry or watching Netflix/TV/Movies. My email is , if you would like to reach me about ARCs and other opportunities.

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